Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Blood on the Winter Road

The snowy highway home...
Through the slopes and crags Of Wyoming; the Salt Flats of Utah.
 The Solstice has broken
And the sky throws sheets Of winter's ammunition
Against the road battered vehicle
And it's weary occupants.

As the ominous night
Absorbs the dreary day
Thoughts flit and flip
Through the dramatic episodes
Of the past two months.
A mind embattled with the struggle
To reposition one's role
Amongst the actors around you.
 To keep your skin intact.
To satisfy your unquenchable ego.

To keep your childhood wounds
Sutured taut enough
So that the blood doesn't seep
Out of your head
And blind your eyes
To the strange and glorious map
Unfolding before you.

...A steel and concrete encrusted rainforest
Blinks on in the distance
Through the starry curtain drop
Of the skeletal season's early repose.
Waiting for you to stare
Into the streets oily puddles
At your melting reflection
And unravel this existential knot
Growing in your gut.

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