Wednesday, December 30, 2009

R.I.P. Rowland S. Howard

Sad news today: Rowland S. Howard, guitarist best known for his mangled, minimalist, brilliant guitar playing in the Nick Cave fronted The Boys Next Door and The Birthday Party died this morning after battling liver cancer. The Birhtday Party and Howard's guitar playing have been a huge inspiration to me, and alongside Black Sabbath, The Stooges, Swans, and Velvet Underground, they stand as one of my favorite bands. Eerily coincidental, I was considering posting this album later today....

"Mutiny" was BP's last will and testament to the world after which they collapsed into a heap from the stress of poverty, drug abuse, and general lack of artistic agreement, the respective members going on to form the Bad Seeds and These Immortal Souls. This little album is so beautiful, deranged, and distinct I could write a book about it if I tried. Along with Henryk Gorecki's 3rd Symphony, and the Cure's "Pornography", the song "Jennifer's Veil" stands as one of the most harrowing, heart wrenching pieces of music committed to earthly existence. The lyrics to "Mutiny In Heaven" as well as Nick Cave's maniacal rantings and phrasing are some of the best written, and I have committed them to memory for 15 years, periodically singing them out loud when they come to mind because I think they are so brilliant.

If I were afforded a "way back" machine, one of the first things I would do is teleport myself back to see a Birthday Party show circa '80-'82. Fortunately, I have seen the Bad Seed's twice, and even had the totally off chance of meeting Nick Cave (which is a story unto itself). It is too bad I never had the fortune of seeing Rowland in action before his untimely demise today. Hope there is a Mutiny in Heaven soon!

Like the Ground Plan of Hell!!!

Fuck the Kids

With the holidays, and my wrapping up of this semester at school, my posting has been delayed...Sorry for that. Here is the 2001 lp of Umea, Swedens skate thrash-meisters Demon System 13.

Killed By The Kids

Monday, December 7, 2009

Voluspa9's Digital Mix vol. 1

So, I post frequently on a bulletin board dedicated to the Indianapolis hardcore music scene. Periodically people post a current playlist of albums/bands they have been listening to. Well, I decided that I would make digital mixes of songs related to my playlists. Here is the first of hopefully a series of these. Below is a list of the songs I have assembled, with descriptions/notes attatched. Click the link below all that for the download. Hope you enjoy it, and give me some feedback.

1. Bathory- You Don't Move Me (I Don't Give a Fuck)

An old Bathory cut that was released when they were a full band and not just the solo project of Quorthon. This song displays a more obvious Motorhead influence than the later black metal releases. This particular version is from a demo I downloaded, but it is also on the best of anthology "Jubileum: Vol. 1"

2. Waste Management- Management Waste

I just checked this out because I have seen their name thrown around and heard about them from friends. I really don't know much about the band, but they definitely have the whole Infest vibe and sXe hardcore thing going on. I think they are from Boston. Aside from that, the 7" this comes from is pretty awesome

3. Death Strike- Pay To Die

Death Strike were a thrash/proto-death metal band from Chicago. It featured Paul Speckmann and Chris Mittleburn of Master fame. This track is from the 1985 demo "Fuckin' Death" and re-released by Nuclear Blast on the 1991 full-length of the same name.

4. Nuclear Crucifixion- Killers

NC were a thrash/crossover band from New Orleans that featured Brian Patton of Soilent Green and EyeHateGod (guitar), Donovan Punch who was also in Soilent Green (guitar), and Glenn Rambo, Soilent Green's original vocalist as well as contributor to the pre-EyeHateGod band Drip. The rip of this is pretty lo-fi, but you get the gist of it.

5.Sweet Cobra- Spider Scraper

As I was reminiscing about Mat Arluck recently, I repeatedly listened to this song. Great track from a great album and great band.

6. Craft- World of Plague

Craft are a band that seem to be a Indy HxCx favorite. Moreso it seems for their most recently release "Fuck the Universe" which is rightfully so because that album is no slouch. However, their first full-length "Total Soul Rape" has always been my favorite of their three releases. This is the opening track from that album, and it really goes for the throat. The snare fill and blood-curdling "heeeeaaaggghh" that kicks off this song is like nothing I have ever heard. Don't drop the soap in the shower while listening to this, cause your arse will be cruisin' for a bruisin'.

7. Cursed-Night Terrors

Canadian hardcore titan Chris Colohan fronted a beast of band in Cursed. I regret not catching these guys when they played in Bloomington with Coliseum/Breather Resist/Angelville, and was about brought to tears when I heard they couldn't play Dudefest a while back. This song is borderline black metal, and is pretty friggin scary...Hence the appropriate title.

8. D.S. 13- We're Hardcore, You're Not

And can you argue with that title. Furious skate thrash from Sweden, D.S. 13 have one of the most amazingly fucked up guitar tones ever, and the lyrics are spot on. Grind a curb to this one, cause it delivers.

9. Mott the Hoople- All the Young Dudes

Title anthem from the Bowie produced glam rock masterpiece. Many of you probably know it.

10. Digable Planets- Graffiti

Those of you into (or not, maybe) hip-hop know about DP's hit cut "Rebirth of the Slick (Cool Like Dat)" which I recently cringed at hearing on a refrigerator commercial (or something like dat). This is a track from their second and last full-length "Blowout Comb". DP broke up after this album and I guess the themes of black militancy on this album alienated many of their previous fans. They reformed again and did some tours recently.

11. Bruce Springsteen- Atlantic City

For years I had a secret love for some of the Boss's tunes, and never openly admitted to admiring the art of his music until I was introduced to the album "Nebraska" by my friend Derek. This album is a stark contrast to everything Springsteen had done up to this point. Brooding, lo-fi, and heartbreaking, the songs on the album are just Bruce, his guitar and voice recorded to 4 track in some old house. I guess some of the songs were originally intended to be demos for the E-Street band, but were left as is cause they were brilliant this way. This song is probably the best known of all of the songs on the album.

12. Leather Nun- No Rule

Leather Nun were a proto-industrial band from Sweden. This song is very garage rock in nature, but the pulsing rhythm lends to a visualization of a sequencer bleeping out a bass undertone. The band evolved into more of a dance/electronica group, and along the way lost the vicious charm that is apparent on this e.p.

13. Anal Cunt- Killing Yourself to Live/It's Allright/Sabbra Cadabra/Blow on a Jug

This is from the AxCx side of their contribution to the amazing "In These Black Days" Black Sabbath tribute series released by Hydrahead (Side A being EyeHateGod). A fucking hilarious medley, cynical in true AxCx fashion. The "Sabbra Cadabra" take is pure genius.

14. Patton Oswalt- Robert Evans

To continue with the comedy, the last track of this mix is taken from the standup comedy album "Feeling Kinda Patton" by Patton Oswalt (of Rattatouille fame). Oswalt is probably the best comedian of the decade, if you ask me, and this bit is amazing. His impression of movie producer Robert Evans will go down as legendary.

Voluspa9's Mix vol. 1

Sunday, December 6, 2009


You thought this would be about the kroosh Japanese doom band...PSYCHE!!! It is a re-upload of the tracks from the previously posted albums that were corrupt. Apparently the combination of my shitty slow computer and shitty slow internet connection is wreaking havoc on my album uploads. If anyone has any suggestions as to how I can prevent this from happening, get at me. This techno-squonkery is very annoying:

Cathedral-Fountain of Innocence

Pain Teens-Daughter of Chaos

Pain Teens-Bruised

Out Cold-Black Door

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

R.I.P. Mat Arluck

Mat Arluck of Sweet Cobra passed away a few days ago. I just wanted to post to pay tribute to a fallen fellow brother in metal. I was not as close to Mat as some of my friends, but I knew him well enough to say he was an awesome dude. Super out-going and friendly, I was introduced to him by my friend Carl Byers one night at the Melody Inn. We bonded over chatting about Bolt Thrower and Craft, and every time I saw him after that he always went out of the way to stop and talk to me; a rare bit of friendliness and genuineness you don't find often in the superficial world of scene-ism. He put up a tough fight against his condition, and like any true dude, you would still see him out playing and attending shows, when he could have just as well stayed at home to recuperate. I just saw him about a month ago at a show at Rippy's. It never crossed my mind that would be the last time I would see him. I will miss him...

Current listening: Sweet Cobra-"Forever"

Friday, November 27, 2009


Another favorite of mine that has been in the current playlist is the debut album of Massachusetts Out Cold. Still considered one of the best kept secrets in American hardcore, this band has been staying true to their hardcore roots for 20 years now. This band truly embodies to me what is considered pissed off hardcore, and even though I like many of the newer bands coming out doing this style, I think Out Cold always have and always will do it best. I love this band! Part of the reason I moved back from California to Indiana was to start a band of this style with dudes in Daisycutter.

This album is prior to Mark Sheehan making the permanent switch from bass to vox, instead featuring Kevin Mertens on the mic. Although I think Mark tears it up with more effectiveness, Mertens does provide an ample amount of piss and vinegar on this outing:

AIDS, Toxic Shock, PMS, and more

Pick this up from ACME records if you don't own it already, and/or go to Out Cold's official site and grab it!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Stimulation Festival

Pain Teens were a noisy, quasi-industrial outfit from Texas that existed from @ 1985-@1995. I was introduced to them in high school by a weird guy I used to work on ambient/experimental type music with. This album is a fuzzed out, sample laden, hazy robotussin trip of eerieness, with some more aggressive, kick drum driven moments like in the the first track "Shallow Hole". It also has a decent Birthday Party cover ("Wild World") which you don't find often.

The Poured Out Blood

Kata Sarka

The new band I am in, Kata Sarka, just had its first few shows. Overall, they went well. We had our first show on friday November 20th in Indianapolis at the 1511 house. The show was well attended; people came out early to see us. However, there was the anticipated technical issues and sloppiness on our part that I was hoping we would have the fortune of bypassing. Also, midway through our last song we blew a circuit, and had to call it on that. The show was still good, and the rest of the bands were awesome. Disconnected was on the bill which features my friend Mahlon on bass. This show was the first time I got to hang out with him in at least 6 years, so that was a high point of the evening. And his band rips it up! Check out his blog here Thank You For Your Mediocrity You can download the Disconnected demo from there. Be sure and get it from him, or when they happen to roll through your town.

Anyway, back to our shows...Despite the lackluster debut we had in our city, the shows we played in Ft. Wayne the next night were significantly better. We played an all ages show at my old house 1624 N. Harrison St. The men in Daisycutter have been doing an amazing and commendable job of keeping the diy hardcore and metal scene strong in the Fort by consistently doing shows at the house after I stopped 3 years ago. I am always excited to get back there and see shows or play there, so this show would have been great regardless of how we performed. Na'Kay, the new band feat. 1/2 of DxCx plus Eric S. brother Andy slayed with their crusty brand of kvlt black metal. Dasiycutter brought the house down as usual, and Karloff impressed me with an energentic performance, and a great vocalist, however I would say they could stand to upgrade their equipment a bit.

After the Harrison House show, we played again to a 21+ crowd at the Brass Rail. I can't stand playing bars by and large, but I have always made an exception to play at the rail. I have never really played a bad show there and the crowds have always been the right amount of energetic and rowdy to keep the shows interesting. I had to miss some of the performance of my old band Graves of the Endless Fall, but from what I heard as I was loading in they played a strong, tight set. It was good to hear the songs I had a part in writing played live again. Our set was the best of the three we played that weekend. It approached what I felt could be our true live potential. I put as much as possible into my playing to point where I felt drained at the end. Finally the Lurking Corpses played. A good time is always had when watching them. They played one of the tighter sets I have seen them perform yet, and threw in a killer cover of Grim Reaper's "See You In Hell", which incidentally I have been spinning pretty frequently lately.

Our next show is at the Dojo with What the Fuck, Worldeater, and Picked Clean. I am hoping by then to have a separate blog up dedicated to the band, and also some form of a demo.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Grim Luxuria

So, the other day at work, Garrett and I were listening to some Witchfinder General and I croaked my best bad Lee Dorrian impression with a line from Cathedral's song given the namesake of this classic proto-doom outfit. That got us talking about how clunky and corny later Cathedral offerings were, but also praising their first full length "Forest of Equilibrium". Well, I also got to talking about how bad ass their second full length offering, "The Ethereal Mirror" was, and how it was Lee's first foray into what I guess he figured was "singing". His gravely, flat, warbling is not as over the top and obnoxious as on later stuff, and actually fits the music well. However, the real star on this album is the crushing, driving riff fests offered up by Gaz Jennings and Adam Lehan. Throw in the amzingly bizzare art of Dave Patchett, and this makes for a crucial volume in your doom/sabbath worship collection. Most of you doom freaks are probably pretty familiar with this album, but for those that are not, join me in celebrating this early 90's metal classic:

Crystal Warriors of Damnation

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I want to join a Death Cult

I love just about everything The Cult has done (even the post Sonic Temple releases) but my true favorites are "Love" and the catalog preceding it: all the puffy shirt wearing, psychedelic, post-punk, jangly guitar stuff. Even more specifically I love the pre-Cult material, such as that which is contained in this compilation of re-released Death Cult material that came out in '96. This includes Death Cult's 1983 e.p. and Radio One sessions. Everything is spot on with this material: Ian Astbury's plaintive bellow, Billy Duffy's melodic/arpeggiated, chorused/delayed, riffery, Jamie Stewart's solid, locked in bass handling and the Burundi/tom heavy drum stylings of Ray Mondo and Nigel Preston. "God's Zoo" still gives me tingles when I hear it kick in!

Ghost Dance

And here is Ian's "positive punk" outfit whose namesake was eventually truncated. Astbury was the only member of this group to go on to the other incarnations of the Cult. Like the Death Cult re-release, this comp is comprised of the various e.p.s, radio, and alternative recordings the band left behind after their untimely disbanding. I enjoy this whole album, but the stand out songs are the first three, which comprise the band's only officially released studio recording, the Fatman/Moya/The Girl 12" e.p. The melancholy, and eerie distance exuded from these tracks sound like no other songs I have ever heard. Definitely three of my favorites songs ever.

Nagasaki's Crying Out

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Before the Gothic Metal stylings and Playgirl posing, there was...

Here is a double dose from the back catalog of Mr. Peter Steele of Type O Negative. First off, the rabid, irreverently anti-pc debut of the Post-Armageddon, Neo-Barbaric, Nuclear Warriors known as Carnivore. This album has got all the hallmark sound-bites of metalhead-hesher angstdom: women moaning in orgasmic ecstasy, motorcycle rumblings, atom bomb explosions and....pig squeals. Its Agnostic Front, meets Black Sabbath, suited up like Manowar if they were starring in The Road Warrior. A fist, pumping ripper of 80's crossover legacy.

Let's Have A WAAARRR!!!

And here is Mr. Steele's pre-Carnivore foray into keyboard saturated late 70's metal/hardrock. Definitely not something you would expect given his later projects, and layered with a good does of cheese, this is still a pretty rockin', charming little ep. This also features Louis Beateaux of Carnivore fame on drums as well as Type O's Josh Silver on keys.