Friday, October 8, 2010

The Shows Must Go On!!!

After a significant hiatus of booking shows regularly on my part, I have come back, full swing, to being a show booker/promoter. As has been the case in my past, the focus of the majority of my shows are smaller, all-ages, d.i.y. shows. However, I have started to branch out a bit and book some "bigger" shows and 21+. I don't plan on making this a regular occurance, but given the nature of some of the shows I have been offered, and the current climate of the Indianapolis music scene, it is best for me to re-strategize how I do shows, and diversify the selection of venues and locales I choose. That being said, hit up my Facebook to get regular updates and invites for any shows I may be booking now and in the future: My Face

Here is a calendar of confirmed upcoming shows:


Kata Sarka: Born under a bad sign grinding, blackened crust. Join us in nihilistic reverie as we hammer nails into the cross.

Mutilation Rites:Harrowing, punk inflected black metal hailing from Brooklyn. This is the last date of their tour circling the Chicago Apocalyptic Crust fest.

Nak'ay: Sarcafago worshiping crustified black metal from Ft. Wayne. Features members of Daisycutter.

Overpower: New band with No Regard contingent. Sounds like this shit is legit!

@ The Dojo
2207 N. College
Indianapolis, IN.
7 p.m.


Medusa Bloomington serpent cult playing angry Melvins/Stooges rockers

Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire Sludgey, contorting grind-ish stuff. For fans of Gaza and Early Graves

Summon the Destroyer Circle city death merchants.

@ The Vollrath Tavern
118 E. Palmer St Indianapolis, IN 46225
9 p.m.


Heartless Burly, PV tinged hardcore from PA. Features members of Masakari

Cleanslate sXe attack from the 'Nap.

others TBA.

@The Dojo
2207 N. College Ave
7 p.m.

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