Thursday, October 1, 2009

Grim Luxuria

So, the other day at work, Garrett and I were listening to some Witchfinder General and I croaked my best bad Lee Dorrian impression with a line from Cathedral's song given the namesake of this classic proto-doom outfit. That got us talking about how clunky and corny later Cathedral offerings were, but also praising their first full length "Forest of Equilibrium". Well, I also got to talking about how bad ass their second full length offering, "The Ethereal Mirror" was, and how it was Lee's first foray into what I guess he figured was "singing". His gravely, flat, warbling is not as over the top and obnoxious as on later stuff, and actually fits the music well. However, the real star on this album is the crushing, driving riff fests offered up by Gaz Jennings and Adam Lehan. Throw in the amzingly bizzare art of Dave Patchett, and this makes for a crucial volume in your doom/sabbath worship collection. Most of you doom freaks are probably pretty familiar with this album, but for those that are not, join me in celebrating this early 90's metal classic:

Crystal Warriors of Damnation

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