Saturday, September 19, 2009

Before the Gothic Metal stylings and Playgirl posing, there was...

Here is a double dose from the back catalog of Mr. Peter Steele of Type O Negative. First off, the rabid, irreverently anti-pc debut of the Post-Armageddon, Neo-Barbaric, Nuclear Warriors known as Carnivore. This album has got all the hallmark sound-bites of metalhead-hesher angstdom: women moaning in orgasmic ecstasy, motorcycle rumblings, atom bomb explosions and....pig squeals. Its Agnostic Front, meets Black Sabbath, suited up like Manowar if they were starring in The Road Warrior. A fist, pumping ripper of 80's crossover legacy.

Let's Have A WAAARRR!!!

And here is Mr. Steele's pre-Carnivore foray into keyboard saturated late 70's metal/hardrock. Definitely not something you would expect given his later projects, and layered with a good does of cheese, this is still a pretty rockin', charming little ep. This also features Louis Beateaux of Carnivore fame on drums as well as Type O's Josh Silver on keys.


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